Get candidates for interviews for any tech, product, or business role you struggle with

On-demand Candidate Sourcing Subscription for Recruitment Teams

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Pipeline Building

Discover quality candidates without manual sourcing

Our sourcing team will conduct an extensive candidate search and build a high-quality pipeline for your role.

Custom Messaging

Engage candidates with personalised messages

Our recruiter will send personalised LinkedIn invitations, messages, emails, and follow-ups to your candidates.

Interview Booking

Get interested candidates booked for interviews

We'll schedule interviews or send you simple email introductions when we discover interested candidates.

Track progress in an online pipeline


On-demand Candidate Sourcing for 1 role

£2500 or 10 000 PLN
one-time payment by card or invoice
How it works?
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Book a call to chat about your role
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Track as we add & engage candidates
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Receive invitations for interviews
What you get:
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30 days of sourcing for 1 role
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Custom-made messaging
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On average 10+ interviews
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Live access to candidate pipeline
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No additional costs for hiring
Available Add-ons
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30-min Online Candidate Pre-Interviews